Colorado Ballet

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Choreographer: Michael Pink
Composer: Philip Feeney
Years performed: 2012

Artists of Colorado Ballet - by Terry Shapiro
Artists of Colorado Ballet - by Terry Shapiro

Dear Children,

I came across this diary when I was in England.  It tells the tale of Peter Pan, a story that will be passed on from generation to generation as long as there are those who believe in childhood innocence and the wonderful sense of adventure.  Peter Pan is dedicated to my own darlings, Chloe, Max and Georgina.

Onward to Neverland!
Michael Pink

From the Diary of Wendy Moira Angela Darling…

March 25, 1941
Dear Diary,

Today I saw Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens!  As you know, we always play make-believe and I am Peter in our nursery games.  John is a rather dastardly Captain Hook and little Michael is a really silly Tiger Lily.

Father came home with an invitation to a very grand party.  Mother seemed more concerned about Peter Pan, though.  Does she really know who he is?

March 26, 1941
Last night I dreamt that a magical fairy was flying around the nursery with Peter himself chasing her about!  He sat on my bed until Mother and Nana chased him away.  Oh, how I wish my dreams would never end!  

March 27, 1941
Sometimes I think Father is as mean as Captain Hook.  Today when it was time for our medicine, he tricked Michael into taking his and then poured his own into Nana’s bowl.  Then he got very angry at Nana and banished her from our nursery – he thinks she is “just a dog” but we know better.  Poor Nana!

I do not know if this was a dream or not but Peter came back into the nursery because I had to help him sew his shadow back on.  I told him he may give me a kiss but instead he gave me an acorn necklace.  Diary, I don’t think Peter even knows what a kiss really is!

The most amazing thing happened next.  Peter showed all of us how to fly and he’s taking us to Neverland!  It is just as he said, “second to the right and then straight on till morning!”  If this really is a dream, I hope I never wake up.

March 28, 1941 (I think…)
In all the times we’ve played Neverland we always had Pirates led by Captain Hook, Tiger Lily and the Indian Braves -  and it is just so in Neverland!  Let’s see if I can recount all that has happened.  Time seems so different in Neverland than it does at home…

I suddenly had a most curious feeling of falling out of the sky – and indeed I had!  The acorn necklace Peter gave me must have saved my life!  Peter introduced us to the lost boys – these poor creatures need a mother and they seem to think I’m the one to do it.  I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet.

Peter has told me many stories.  Did you know that he was the one who cut off Captain Hook’s hand and threw it to a crocodile?  The crocodile not only swallowed the hand, but a clock too and that’s the only way Hook knows he’s coming!  Peter took me to an enchanting mermaid lagoon.  Peter is so charming and I feel butterflies in my stomach when I’m around him.

Then the adventures really began…  There were Pirates chasing the Indian Braves and Peter had to come to the rescue.  He saved Tiger Lily, but I won’t bother with that.  I’m not sure I like her.  In fact there are lots of things here that need fixing in this home under the ground.  For one, Peter and those boys need more discipline – they simply must take their medicine!  I suppose I’ll try and be a mother to them – I read them a bedtime story and I do enjoy this sort of thing.  It reminds me of home…

Tiger Lily must have been outside all night because I heard the beat of Indian drums.  Speaking of home, I decided it’s time we return before John and Michael forget all about it.  I hope Peter will take his medicine when we go.  Tinkerbell is going to help us find our way out, although I don’t know that we can trust her.  

We were just about to leave when the most horrid thing happened – Captain Hook captured John, Michael, the lost boys and me!

Perhaps March 29, 1941…
Oh Diary!  That dastardly Captain Hook took us captive to the Jolly Roger, his enormous pirate ship.  Of course, John couldn’t have been more excited.  Neverland seems to confuse what is real and what is make-believe.  Once aboard, Captain Hook asked me to read him a bedtime story – do none of these people have a mother here in Neverland?!  That Hook must be the naughtiest child I’ve ever met!

Suddenly his mood changed and he ordered John to walk the plank!  Peter arrived to save the day.  He dressed up like me thus fooling that cowardly Captain and made him walk the plank!  What a skirmish!  

It was definitely time for us to leave Neverland and we want to take the lost boys with us.  How I wish Peter would come along, but he just doesn’t want to grow up.  Thankfully when we got to the nursery Mother and Nana were there and you just can’t imagine where we found Father!  I’ve never been so happy to be home but I hope I never ever forget Neverland and I hope Peter will come back to see me someday.  

Goodnight Diary.  

Wendy Darling


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