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Maria Olano Sardi

Maria Olano Sardi

María Cecilia Olano Sardi was born in Cali Colombia. She began her dance education at Maria Sanford Dance School learning Brazilian jazz technique.  She acquired her first technical style and interpretation dancing both in theater and in television drama.  She continued her education at Martha Graham Contemporary Dance School.  She completed the program, of which the last year was on scholarship, earning her certificate.  While dancing Graham’s repertoires, Ms. Olano worked with renowned choreographers and teachers such as: Martha Graham, Pearl Lang, Ethel Winter, Sophie Maslow, and Peggy Lyman. 

She obtained her B.F.A. in performing Dance at the New York State University at Purchase College, (Suny Purchase) and received the renowned PHILIP D. REED SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT FOR THE VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS.  She complemented her degree with credits in Arts Management and child development. During her studies she traveled and performed in different theaters of the United States with the University’s ensemble with prestigious repertoires like: Merce Cunningham, José Limón, Pascal Riollt, Sara Stackhouse, Paul Taylor, Kazuko Hirabayashi, Larry Clark and Kevin Wynn, among others. 

Ms. Olano received a M.S in Higher Education Research in Dance Pedagogy as well as her PhD in Research and Development Education at the Catholic University of Valencia Spain.

Ms. Olano has taught Graham technique, contemporary, Latin Jazz, improvisation, composition (under Kasuko Hirabayashi method), repertory, didactical and methodology of dance at the Dance Conservatory of Higher Grade Education of Valencia Spain. Additionally, she taught for the audition of London contemporary dance “The Place” in Bilbao Spain, Artebi School of Music and Visual Arts Spain, Autónoma University of Colombia, Academia de Danza Maria Sanford laboratorio de movimiento Colombia, Miami Dade Community College Miami, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, Colorado Ballet and Your Soul´s Movement Performing Arts, Lakewood Cultural Center.

Ms. Olano was the co-founder and co-director of Dance collage festival in Colombia and also a director-choreographer and dancer at Maria Sanford dance company Cali Colombia.

She also created and coordinated the “Erasmus Scholarship” program between European universities at Dance Conservatory of Higher Grade Education of Valencia Spain. 


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