bridget heddens


Bridget grew up in the midwest, living in Minnesota and Iowa for most of her life.  Wanting to stay close to family and friends, Bridget attended the University of Iowa. In 2016 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation with an emphasis in Inclusion and a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. While at the University, Bridget focused on modern and ballet technique but grew up also studying tap, jazz, flamenco, and hip-hop. Bridget performed in numerous student and faculty-led performances that gave her the opportunity to work with choreographers, Armando Duarte, Maurice Watson, Jennifer Kayle, Nicholas Leichter and Melinda Myers to list a few.  Also during her time at the University she was a member of Dancers in Company. Under the direction of Charlotte Adams, the company travelled around Iowa performing and teaching dance classes to kids and young adults in the area.  

Bridget moved to Colorado in 2016 and worked as a Therapeutic Specialist with the non-profit Out & About for 3 years where she led dance and theater classes to children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Before becoming a teaching artist, Bridget worked for Colorado Ballet as the Education Accessibility Coordinator. She is dedicated to finding creative ways all people can not only watch dance but use dance as a creative outlet or a communication tool. Bridget has also been a dancer in Cindy Brandle Dance Company and now owns her own inclusive creative arts organization, BEAM+ where she provides equitable access to dance and other artistic opportunities for all people. She is passionate about providing an inclusive environment for people from all backgrounds to express themselves through movement and creative expression. With patience and kindness, Bridget hopes to continue to provide dance opportunities to everybody and educate our community on the importance of inclusion in the arts.