Emma Scher


Emma grew up dancing in Golden, CO and graduated cum laude from the dance program at University of Colorado, Boulder in 2018. Her roots in Irish step dancing inspired her to pursue other forms of dance including jazz, ballet, hip hop, West African, improvisational movement, and contact improvisation. Emma has also danced with local company: Art as Action, “a collaborative collective for people with and without Parkinson’s disease” and completed an internship with another local company: Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance.

She has taught, choreographed, and performed across the country and believes that dance not only offers a much-needed release for us all, but provides the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Emma was 1 of 90 dancers selected nationwide to participate in Urbanity’s Summer Intensive where she performed in the Boston Contemporary Dance Festival and taught at the Yamaha School of Music in Boston. Her training at Seattle’s Festival of Dance Improvisation, the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, and several other collectives have informed and enriched her fusion of styles. Outside of dance, Emma enjoys feeling small in nature, cooking, and surrounding herself with loved ones.

Program Involvement

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