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Executive Board

Board Co-chair
Duke Hartman

Board Co-chair
Elizabeth Katkin

JoAnne Zboyan

Treasurer and Finance Co-Chair
William J. Tryon

Finance Co-Chair
Brent L. Backes

Capital Campaign Chair
Merry Logan 

Development Chair
Colleen Curran

Academy Co-Chairs
Raydean Acevedo
Holly Baroway, Immediate Past Co-chair

Board Governance Chair
Adrienne L. Toon, Esq.

Long-Range Planning Chair
Greg Laugero

Marketing and Public Relations Chair
Susan Bailey

Education & Community Engagement Chair
Joanne Posner-Mayer

At-Large Member
Harry M. Sterling

Colorado Ballet Auxiliary President
Kelly Matthews


Lisa Levin Appel
Michelle Moorman Applegate
Jean Armstrong
Lacee Artist
Sandy Elliott
Kaye Ferry
Ann Frick
Anne M. Hillary
Gail K. Kassan
Shea Kauffman
Lisa Konen
Michael E. Korenblat, Esq.
Mary Lou Blackledge Kortz
Henny Lasley, Immediate Past Co-chair
Joe Maslowski
Cindy Meany
M. Sean Murphy
Marc Musyl
Jane Netzorg
Barbara R. Reed, MD
Cheri Rubin
Denise Sanderson
Suzan Schlatter
Brad Sonnenberg
Nancy Stevens
Susan Struna
Frank Wiederman

Ginger White Brunetti

Chairmen Emeriti
Anna Bates

Lifetime Trustees
Raydean Acevedo
Duke Hartman
Dick Saunders


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