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Summer Intensive Frequently Asked Questions

2017 Summer Intensive Frequently Asked Questions



It has been two weeks since I received my acceptance letter but I have not yet registered, is it too late?

Absolutely not! Please turn in your registration form as soon as possible. We will continue to register accepted students into the summer intensive until the program is full. The sooner you get your registration in the more likely you are guaranteed a spot.

How do I register?

We will have acceptance packets available soon, please check back after auditions have started.  

Are there any other sessions available besides those listed?

No there are not, the only sessions offered are those listed on our website. 


Where should I go on my first day?

For the first class of the program please arrive between 8:15 and 9:00AM to check in with the academy and receive your schedule, level, and nametag. (Please note that levels may change after the first few days of placement classes.)

What is a typical day like?

All classes begin at 9:30 though classes and times very by day. All students have 1 ½- 2 ½ hours of ballet technique 6 days per week. This often includes a traditional ballet class and a specialized class such as batterie or pirouette class. Here is a sample of some of the classes offered during the Intensive:

9:30-11 a.m. - Ballet or Pilates or Floor Barre

11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. - Pointe or Pilates or Variations (upper levels only) or Pas de Deux (highest level students)

12:15-1:15 p.m. - Lunch

1:15-2:45 p.m. - Character or Modern or Mens' Class or Batterie or Pirouette

2:45-4 p.m. - Choreography or Contemporary Ballet

4-5 p.m. - Anatomy in Clay © or Nutrition/Injury Prevention/Dance History Lecture or Stretch or Yoga

How often will we have pointe?

Students have pointe everyday which includes traditional pointe class, variations(depending on level), pas de deux (upper levels) and choreography. 

How many students are in each level?

It varies by week because of the different sessions but we try and keep it under 30 students per level

When will we find out our level?

Students will be assigned to levels during check in on their first day at the Intensive. Level assignments are made carefully by our Academy Director to provide every student with the curriculum which will best help them develop as a dancer during the program. Your commitment to the program should not be dependent on the level assigned during the intensive, they all offer wonderful classes, amazing instructors, and the opportunity to improve technique, physical and artistic strength.  

Can parents/family/friends observe class?

All classes in the program are closed to observation because it is distracting to students and disruptive to the instruction. Parents and guardians are invited to attend our performance at the end of the session. 

Will I have Pas de Deux class?

Our top two levels will be offered Pas de Deux class during the Summer Intensive. Levels will be assigned on your first day at the Intensive. 

Tuition and Housing Costs and Payments

Does Colorado Ballet offer financial aid?

Colorado Ballet has a small number of scholarships available to students attending the Summer Intensive. Scholarships are awarded through offer letters following the audition and are based on merit. We encourage students to apply to their local funding resources such as the Chamber of Commerce, Knights of Columbus, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc. 

When is tuition due?

A $300 deposit for both tuition and housing is due with the $100 registration fee. The remaining balance for tuition, housing, activity fee, and registration fee must be paid by April 15 or the account is subject to late fees. Please click here for more information on our tuition (coming soon). 


Where is the housing?

Our housing is located at the University of Denver. Students will be housed in the Johnson-McFarlane Residence Hall (also known as J-Mac) at the  located at 1901 E. Iliff Ave., Denver, CO 80210. 

When should we arrive and what is the check in process?

Please arrive the Sunday prior to the start of your program, if you are having us arrange transportation from the airport please try and arrive between 10:00AM and 4:00PM to ensure that students arrive at the dorms with ample time to unpack and get settled before the orientation meeting at 6:30.

If you are dropping your students off at the dorms please arrive between 11:00AM and 5:00PM. You will be taking your students to Johnson-McFarlane Residence Hall (also known as J-Mac) at the University of Denver located at 1901 E. Iliff Ave., Denver, CO 80210.

What is the checkout process?

The morning of a student's last last day of classes, generally a Saturday, please be up, packed and ready to do a dorm inspection with a chaperone before getting on the lightrail to head to the studios. Students departing before July 21 should depart the last Saturday of their program after the end of classes at approximately 1 p.m. and will be finished by 1 p.m.  If you are scheduling a flight please schedule it after 4 p.m. to allow time to get to the airport. Students departing on July 25th will need to be checked out of their dorms and completely packed when they leave for classes at 8:15 a.m. that morning. Students departing on July 21 will need to be checked out of the dorms by 10 a.m. with all of their things, there are no class on Saturday, July 22. Flights should be arranged on Friday night after 6 p.m. or Saturday morning before 2 p.m.

Where will we eat our meals?

Meals will be provided by the University of Denver's dining facilities. Students will eat breakfast and dinner in the dining halls and their lunch will be packed for them by the dining facilities to take with them each day. 

Can I bring my own food?

Yes you may! All of our dorm rooms are supplied with small refrigerators and microwaves. For those with special dietary restrictions this may be a good option to supplement your meals. 

Are the students supervised in the dorms?

Yes we have chaperones who live with the students at DU and travel to and from the studios with them on the light rail. Older students are allowed to spend time around the grounds of DU without supervision. 

Where can I do laundry?

DU has coin operated laundry facilities that are available to students housing with us. Plan to bring enough clothes to last a week so you are only doing laundry once a week. 

Who will I room with?

We assign roommates based on age, level, and requests. If you would like a specific roommate please make sure to let the office know as soon as possible so that we can do our best to accommodate your request. 

What time is lights out?

Lights out for students age 13 and younger is 9:30 p.m., lights out for students 14 and older is 10 o.m.

What to Bring

How many pairs of pointe shoes should I bring?

How many pointe shoes your dancer should bring for the Summer Intensive depends on the strength of the dancer’s feet, the brand of shoe, and level of the dancer. Dancers will be on pointe everyday therefore, we suggest that most dancers bring approximately one pair of shoes per week. Dancers are encouraged to take care of their shoes and use hardeners when necessary to lengthen the life of their pointe shoes.

Do I need to pack a lunch?

Students will need to bring lunch (provided by DU if they are housing) and snacks with them every day. Our students are attending an intensive program and they will be working very hard, as such proper nutrition is essential. Please pack nutritious snacks for your student to ensure they are able to get the most out of the program, it’s difficult to focus on Plies with an empty stomach. We would also like to note that we have a number of students with severe nut allergies, try and avoid sending nuts with your students (this includes peanut butter or any other nut butters).


What kind of Activities will be available?

We are still finalizing our schedule of activities for the summer but we will be visiting the Denver Art Museum, Elitch Gardens, attending a Rockies Game, and going to the movies! 

Do I have to participate?

If you are staying at the dorms you are required to attend the activities with our chaperones.

Can non-resident students participate?

Yes they may! This is an additional cost and the prices and specific activities will be available soon in your informational packet.

Are there scheduled activities week nights?

Most week nights we like you to have time to relax, do laundry, and catch up with you family. However we do have occasional activities such as pizza night or movies as a group. 


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