Colorado Ballet

The Angel of Buenos Aires

The Angel of Buenos Aires

Choreographer: Lorita Travaglia
Composer: Astor Piazzolla
Years performed: 2016
Artists of Colorado Ballet - by Mike Watson
Artists of Colorado Ballet - by Mike Watson

World Premiere March 25, 2016 - Colorado Ballet

Total run time: 22 minutes

In the 1960’s Piazzolla composed a suite of angel inspired pieces and another suite of devil inspired pieces. The ideas of angels are consistent with Piazzolla’s general outlook as was the concept of the Devil.  
“My stories mix Devils and Angels. You need to have a little of everything”   
-Astor Piazzolla 1976

A Tango inspired ballet by Lorita Travaglia

An Angel has come to cleanse the souls of the residents of an apartment building in Buenos Aries as the Devil has created intrigue amongst them.

The Angel is at first seduced by the Devil and later is killed by him in a knife fight.

The residents are horrified but the Angel resurrects and as she rises up, the Devil loses his power.


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