Academy Performances: coppÉlia


CBA Students by Mark Hutchens

May 28, 2022

1:00 PM & 6:00 PM  

Ellie Caulkins Opera House

Tickets ranging from $15-$60 available soon!

The Story of Coppélia 

The story begins during a town festival to celebrate the arrival of a new bell. Swanhilde and Franz are in love, and plan to marry during the festival. In time, Swanhilde becomes unhappy with Franz because he seems to be paying more attention to a girl named Coppélia, who sits motionless on the balcony of a nearby house, which belongs to a mysterious and faintly diabolical inventor, Doctor Coppélius.  

Swanhilde and her friends enter the home of Dr. Coppélius and find themselves in a large room filled with people who seem to be frozen. The girls discover that the people are actually dolls–including Coppélia! They quickly wind them up and are joyfully entertained. 

Dr. Coppélius returns home to find Swanhilde's friends in his workshop and ushers them out. Upon his abrupt arrival, Swanhilde runs to Dr. Coppélius and tells him that her unfaithful fiancé is about to come into his house to see Coppélia. Together, Swanhilde and Dr. Coppélius devise a plan to trick Franz, and Swanhilde hides to change into Coppélia’s clothes. Soon Swanhilde has had enough of the game of deceit and removes her wig to reveal herself to Franz. The guilty Franz apologizes and professes his love for Swanhilde. Swanhilde and Franz are married, and the entire town celebrates by dancing. 


CBA Students by Mark Hutchens


About the Ellie Caulkins Opera House 

Located at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, The Ellie Caulkins Opera House, known simply as “The Ellie,” is a world-class hall designed in the lyric style with acoustical excellence, state-of-the-art technical support, and clean sight lines. The Ellie is the home of the Colorado Ballet and Colorado Ballet Academy students are unique in their ability to perform on such an illustrious stage. 

Located at 1385 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80204