Tuition & Scholarships

merit-based Tuition

Colorado Ballet Academy Merit-Based Scholarships are awarded each year at the discretion of the Colorado Ballet Academy Scholarship Board. There are no applications for Academy Scholarships. Your family will be notified if your dancer has been awarded a scholarship.

Tuition Reduction

Each year, through the support of generous foundations and individuals, Colorado Ballet is pleased to offer tuition reduction opportunities to students who wish to study ballet in our Academy. The number and amount of each award is determined by the number of applicants and the amount of funds available. Tuition reduction is not guaranteed, and the amount awarded may not be the same as awards made in previous years. 


  • A Tuition Reduction Scholarship Award (“Award”) does not include performance, showcase, or registration fees, private lessons, master classes, or any expense outside of academy tuition. 
  • An Award applies to academy tuition only, offered for the 2023-2024 academy session and is not applicable to any summer program or extracurricular program (Nutcracker, YAGP, DBG, etc.). 
  • Awards are granted on a year-to-year basis only. If you have received financial assistance in years past, you must apply and be reconsidered annually. 
  • An Award with Colorado Ballet is made without consideration of race, nation of origin, or gender. 
  • The yearly amount of any Award may be based on artistic merit and/or financial need. 
  • Artistic merit is determined at the sole discretion of the Academy Director, Academy Principal, and Instructors. 
  • Colorado Ballet Academy may reduce or withdraw awards at any point during the year for students who do not adhere to the policies outlined in the Waiver and agreed to in the Commitment Contract. 
  • Application must be accompanied by a 2022 tax return for each parent/legal guardian. Proof of the total income for the household(s) of the student must be submitted. The Tuition Reduction Committee reserves the right to request additional documentation/information from you to determine your need. Applications will not be considered without these documents. 
  • All Award decisions are final. 
  • Award applicants agree to abide by all the policies set forth in the 2023-2024 Wavier and Commitment Contract. 

Application will open May 1, 2023 
1st priority deadline: July 7, 2023 
2nd priority deadline: August 4, 2023 
Applications will not be accepted after this date. 

The dollar number and quantity of Awards given are determined by the number of applicants and the amount of funds available. Submitting your application by the July 7th deadline may increase your chance of obtaining tuition reduction. 

The application must be accompanied by a 2022 tax return from each individual who is legally responsible for the student. Financial information is required for each parent/legal guardian. A W-2 will not be accepted as the sole form of documentation. 

The Tuition Reduction Committee may request additional information from you to determine need. Applications will not be considered without these documents. The application result will be decided 2-4 weeks after each deadline. Applicants will be notified via email.  

All contents of this application will remain confidential. 

Please reach out to Eve Gordon, Academy Business Coordinator, with any questions at 

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