Every Body M.O.V.E.

Movement Opportunities through Virtual Education

Colorado Ballet's Education and Community Engagement Department wants to make it as flexible and simple as possible for teachers to support their student’s learning with no additional cost. Out of this desire, we have created a
program that not only meets those needs but also helps improve creativity, social and emotional skill development,
and physical health.


Join the Every Body M.O.V.E. program, a 16-week virtual workshop series that includes two, 2-5 minute, regularly occurring movement-based videos per week for elementary school students. These videos are available in two tracks (K-2nd & 3rd-5th) as support materials for teachers to be used in class or as assignments for students independently and cover diverse subjects to support students and curriculum.

This program is provided at NO COST to schools.

Sample Videos


Our brains need movement now more than ever as screen time increases. This offering is unique to teachers and competitive with the existing online options because it allows for a continued partnership with a local cultural and performing arts organization.

The potential for this program to connect students' other experiences is vast; not only does the content connect to schools' curriculum, the opportunity allows students to continue learning about dance by experiencing movement for themselves.

These videos will do the following:
  • Encourage students to move
  • Help with engagement in lessons
  • Allow for kinesthetic learning
  • Promote mindfulness
  • Connect to classroom lessons
  • Align with state and national education standards and learning objectives
  • Serve as brain & body breaks
  • Include written support materials and closed captioning for accessibility


Fall Semester: Sign-up during the spring semester of the previous school year (Jan.-May) or during the prior summer (June-July).

Spring Semester: Sign-up during the fall semester (Aug.-Dec.)

  • Signing up on time* is important because videos will be released on a weekly basis to a private playlist. We will provide a link for access at the start of the program which will remain the same throughout the semester. To access videos, there is no sign-in process or account needed, you will simply click the link each week and see the newest video in addition to all previously released videos. All videos will be removed 1-week after the program period concludes. Additional written resource documents for teachers/facilitators will be available to help integrate videos into lessons and know what to expect from new videos. The Resource Documents will be available to print or download. These will be released on the same schedule as the related video and can be found on Google Drive with a shared link for private access.

  • *If you sign-up late, you may still join the program and will immediately have access to all the released videos, however, the program end-date cannot be extended.
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