From the Page to the Stage

From the Page to the Stage is a 45-60 minute assembly that happens at your site. We challenge you to fill the space (cafeteria, gym, etc.) with as many people as possible to experience the beauty of ballet.

Colorado Ballet Studio Company professional dancers perform excerpts from ballets based on folk tales and literary classics while moving through the history of ballet. From the fantastical love stories of the Romantic Era, to the grand costuming and music of the Classical Era, to the free movement of the Modern Era, students will watch as stories come to life through the world of ballet. Each assembly will feature a brief excerpt from one of Colorado Ballet’s season productions including The Nutcracker, and a chance for select audience members to come on stage!

Topics discussed will include: how stories are translated into dance, a brief history of ballet, pointe shoe FAQ, male roles in dance and much more. The assembly will conclude with a Q & A in which the audience can interview the dancers!

This program is available with sensory friendly adaptations.

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Compatible for all grades and ages.
Accepting Reservation Requests for 2021-2022 school year.
Cost: $300 for one show, $500 for two shows (travel fees may apply, scholarships may be available)

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