Colorado Ballet Auxiliary, in collaboration with Colorado Ballet, is proud to announce our exciting dance appreciation and social activities club for boys and girls in 3rd, 4th & 5th grades.


Stagedoor Club is a terrific way for kids to participate in fun social activities, meet kids from other schools and experience the excitement of going backstage for each ballet performance.  The kids are dropped off at the Ellie Caulkins Stagedoor to begin an amazing theatrical experience backstage with Colorado Ballet; starting with a pre-show rehearsal by the dancers followed by a session learning about the many elements that go into creating live performance.

The program is designed for a 2-3 year participation with each year featuring new backstage experiences while promoting friendship and a fun appreciation of dance.

Dance Jam, the year-end finale will feature different styles of dance each year.  The kids will have fun learning hip hop, jazz, African dance, ballet, line dancing, bollywood and even flash mob!
Stagedoor Club is open to kids from grades 3-5 whose parent is a member of Colorado Ballet Auxiliary.

This information is meant to give an overview of the program, but due to it not being held in 2020/2021, we hope to have 3rd through 5th graders join us in 2021/2022!

For more information, please contact the Advancement team.

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