Workshops are for anyone, anywhere, anytime! Workshops are our most customizable and diverse program offerings-we are happy to adapt to fit your group's needs.

We offer workshops to all groups including: children, students, adults, and people with and without disabilities. We have trained staff to adapt our workshops to meet the needs of children/adults with disabilities (including but not limited to: ASD, Down Syndrome, and I/DD). Whether you are a preschool teacher, librarian, or retirement home director, we would love to bring dance into your space whether it be the classroom, gym, cafeteria, or somewhere else. Workshops may also be adapted to a virtual setting upon request. Workshops are typically one-time experiences, but it is possible to customize a series of classes; ask us about our residency programs!

Please check out our wide range of workshops in the categories below and complete the reservation form at the bottom of the page to request information, approximate cost, or a specific workshop.


Learn a cultural dance form

Joann Keliinohomoku's An Anthropologist Looks at Ballet as a Form of Ethnic Dance (1970) - "forms of dance [that] reflect the cultural traditions within which they developed."

Ballet: Ballet's origins grew out of the Renaissance court cultures of Italy and France. Dancers would perform at the royal courts - and then invite the audience members to participate. Students will learn some French vocabulary, practice ballet positions, and gain a deeper understanding of the techniques that define ballet today.

Modern: Students will develop their relationship to the floor through codified grounding techniques. Modern dance often involves flexed feet, torso contractions, and floorwork. Come explore all the shapes we can make (aligned, tilted, contracted) with our own unique bodies!

Contemporary: This new style of dance is derived from the meaning: "with the times." Contemporary can be anything from the time period we are currently living in. Oftentimes, it is influenced heavily by modern, jazz, and ballet. Students can expect to learn to express themselves to contemporary music and consider new ways of moving in this class.

Irish Dance: Students will learn about some of the history of Irish dance and practice introductory Irish dance techniques as well as learn the elements of a "step" or "steps." The class will put these steps together in sequence to traditional music and perform them together in groups. This high energy class is a great fit for anyone interested in rhythm and timing.

Hip Hop: Students will warm up, learn the 4 pillars of hip hop, and try this popular street style of dance that includes isolations, popping/locking, breaking, wacking, vogueing and more. Dancers will gain strength, coordination and an increased sense of rhythm and confidence through movement.

Jazz: Students will learn basic steps of jazz dance while building strength, flexibility, and coordination. They will practice various turns, kicks, and leaps. This class is an excellent way for students to express themselves. We use fun, popular and age appropriate music.

Folk Dance: Learn a variety of folk dances from around the world (or a folk-dance inspired movement class depending on age). These classes are a great way expose students to other cultures, build community, and work together as a group while learning a dance from a different part of the world.

West African (includes accompanist) - limited availability (extra $300/hour): Students will learn a variety of dances, rhythms and histories from multiple West African cultures. This workshop includes movement, singing, rhythm, and cultural attire.

Polynesian Dance (Hula, Tahitian, Haka, Poi): The rhythmic dances of the Polynesian Islands (Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Samoa) incorporate intricate dance movements set to the sounds of traditional Polynesian music. Although the islands of Polynesia may share some similarities, each island and their dance style is unique and beloved by its specific culture. In this class, students will focus on one style's movements as they also learn about the meaning and cultural significance of the dance.

Brazilian Dance (includes accompanist) - limited availability (extra $160/hour): Introduction to Brazilian music, history and culture. Students will experience the joy and high energy of Brazilian Samba music exploring a variety of song and dance from different regions of Brazil and the correlation to the yearly festival Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We will learn sambe school traditions and Afro-Bahian songs and dances from Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Flamenco - limited availability: In this class, students will get a taste of the highly expressive Spanish dance form that is characterized by hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate movements.


Creative Movement: Students will learn about a variety of dance concepts, such as, size, balance, rhythm, levels, shapes, and energy. The class will develop spatial awareness, problem solving, and strengthening of the body and brain.

Animal Exploration: Get ready to shake, shimmy, and slide like your favorite animal in the animal themed creative movement class! We will play with exciting props, sing songs, and play games all while dancing and sharing our favorite animals.

Parent/Tot Movement: This workshop is specifically designed for the young child that loves to move and dance with music. Emphasis is placed on both fine and gross motor skill development, coordination and balance in a safe nurturing environment that encourages parent involvement.

Choreography Basics: This workshop focuses on elements of dance and choreography, incorporating contemporary dance styles and cultiminating in a performance piece created by students.

Avengers Dance Battle: This workshop explores the wide world of movement within the Marvel Comic Universe. Can you move as small as Ant Man and as big as the Hulk? Can you balance on the Infinity Stones? Can you move as smooth as Black Widow or as sharp as Iron Man? We will explore these movements and more as students try on the movements of some of their favorite superheroes.


I Like Me: This workshop addresses individuality and self-esteem through group discussion and movement exploration. While experiencing something new and creating their own movement, youth are able to make real-world connections and take ownership of their personal strength.

Folk Dance: Learn a variety of folk dances from around the world (or a folk-dance inspired movement class depending on age). These classes are a great way to expose students to other cultures, build community, and work together as a group while learning a dance from a different part of the world.

Swing Dance: Students will work with partners and learn a variety of different swing dance movements - from traditional dances such as the Charleston, Lindy Hop, Balboa, or Collegiate Shag - all to the sound of jazz music in this lively workshop. Some key areas of focus include footwork, partnership, and rhythm. Come and connect with a group while gaining a technical understanding of swing dance!

Blues Dance (limited availability): Students will learn about a family of historical and modern dances done to blues music. This style of dance encompasses a multitude of steps, patterns, intricate body movements, and systems of connection. Rooted in African movement, blues dance places a high value on improvisation, rhythm, polyrhythm, and solo movements.

West African (includes accompanist): limited availability (extra $300/hour): Students will learn a variety of dances, rhythms and histories from multiple West African cultures. This workshop includes movement, singing, rhythm, and cultural attire.

Ballet Heroes: In this workshop, participants will explore the performing art form of ballet and the heroes within the ballet world. Do you know who Misty Copeland is or Maria Tallchief? Have you ever tried a plie or tendue? We will explore ballet heroes, movement, and more in this class.

Importance of Movement (adults/older adults): "All human beings first learn through movement. Movement must be an integral component of the learning process throughout the lifespan." - Virginia Wilmerding, Ph.D.. Join us in this exploration of why movement is important through the lens of dance and its unique benefits. In this customizable workshop, the focus of class may include movement as injury prevention, a daily practice in a healthy lifestyle, or a vessel for brain and body connection.

BrainDance (adult/older adults/teachers): This workshop can be educational and experiental or requested as a training to help teachers learn how to use BrainDance in the classroom. The BrainDance, developed by Anne Green Gilbert of the Creative Dance Center in Seattle, is a sequential and holistic exercise framework that uses movement patterns to integrate reflexes into our bodies and remap or strengthen our neurological system. It's adaptable for any age or ability. Learn how BrainDance can help improve focus, mindfulness, energy, behavior, flexibility, and cognition.

Movement for Mindfulness (adult/older adults/students): In this workshop we'll briefly discuss the importance of mindfulness and how it serves us, first through a lens of neuroscience. Then we'll dive into grounding techniques and cover strategies for using movement as a form of mindfulness. Interests of and questions from the participants can shape and inform the program.

Reconnecting with Rhythm: This workshop promotes social-emotional well being among youth and helps reintroduce them to social and educational settings after an isolating year. Students will get their bodies moving, brains engaged, and have plenty of opportunities for social interaction and reflection. The goal of this workshop is to help students process the challenging year we are leaving behind and regain a sense of trust and engagement in the community.


Reach out to see how we can incorporate dance into other lessons and topics that you are exploring with your students!

Moving Matter: "Freeze like a popsicle! Now melt like a popsicle on a hot summer day!" Students will use creative movement to embody different states of matter and the transitions between them before creating their own solid/liquid dance. This class aligns with 2nd grade science standards.

Force Frenzy: Pushes and pulls help objects determind their speed and direction. Force can also produce a variety of movements in our bodies. In this class, we will create unique movements demonstrating the effect of those forces pushing and pulling us through the space as we explore various speeds and directions! This class aligns with Kindergarten science standards. (Available both live and recorded). 

Water Cycle Waltz: In this workshop, students will dance their way through the water cycle. Students will learn about evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection all while exploring movement concepts like levels and flow. This class aligns with 2nd and 3rd grade science curriculum.

Balancing Bodies: Investigate balance (on/off balance) and body parts by exploring movements as a group and working individually. Students will develop their own style of movement and express themselves creatively. This option can include a bonus follow along "Human Body Countdown" recorded activity as supplementary content. This class aligns with 1st grade science standards.

Performing Plants: Plant the seeds and watch them grow! Plants, like performers, need both water and light to grow and be successful! Exploring the dance concept of levels, students will embody the journey of a plant from seeds to flowers or trees as they gain water and sunlight. This class aligns with kindergarten science standards. (Available both live and recorded).

Phases of the Moon: Students will embody the phases of the moon through dance and movement games, helping them better understand nature's predictable patterns by connecting it to the physical patterns experienced in dance. This class aligns with 1st grade science standards.

Ecosystems Embodied: Nature's Choregraphy: in this parternership between Colorado Ballet and the Audubon Society you will dance your way through an ecosystem! In this workshop, students will learn about the different components of an ecosystem and how they are interconnected before creating their own unique dance to embody the various parts of an ecosystem. Students will utilize kinetic learning in order to better understand how each component fits into an ecosystem like a puzzle. This class can align with 5th grade and middle school science standards.

Metamorphosis Moves: Colorado Ballet and the Butterfly Pavilion collaborate on this workshop. Students learn about the life cycle of the butterfly through movement in this interactive dance and science class. Recommended for kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Movement, Muscles, and Mechanics: This anatomy based workshop is an introduction to the skeletal and muscular systems. Students will learn how to warm up the body properly through stretching and conditioning, in addition to producing choreographic work based on their bodies' muscle makeup.

Literature Comes Alive: In this workshop, students will explore and embody literary concepts such as themes, symbolism, character development, and more! We encourage you to book this workshop for any novel you are currently studying. For example, Symbolism in To Kill a Mockingbird for 8th grade students.

Brainteasers: In this fun life skills workshop, participants will love through dance or movement explorations, activities, games, and choreography that challenge their brain. Working individually, in partners, or in teams, the emphasis is on developing problem solving and communication skills while testing and expanding the limits of the human brain. Positive side-effects may include increased coordination and smiles!

Movement Storytime: Perfect fit for library branches, this workshop brings movement and ballet to an existing story time. Engage your families with younger students in movement games, songs and basic ballet vocabulary. Students will learn about a variety of dance concepts, such as, size, balance, rhythm, levels, shapes, and energy. The class will develop spatial awareness, problem solving, and strengthening the body and brain.

Words In Motion: Students strengthen their knowledge of vocabulary words and sentence writing in this movement driven lesson. Students will explore embodiments and definitions of words and create dances based on their understanding of sentence writing.



Not seeing what you're looking for or have your own idea for a workshop? Let us know the details and we'll do our best to make it happen! Please provide the following information in an email to with "Create Your Own Workshop" in the subject line. Note, custom workshops follow the same cost structure, but may be subject to a 10-15% administration fee.

-Proposed style(s):
-Date/Times (choose 3):
-Number of Participants:
-Participant age range:
-Desired Outcome/Goal of workshop:
-Requested Music
-Additional info:


We have trained staff to adapt the above programs to meet the needs of kids and adults with disabilities! Contact our Education Coordinator at for more information regarding our adaptive workshop opportunities.


Pricing for workshops listed above.

Costs are on a sliding scale with scholarships available. Many factors affect price; for reference, a full-cost, in-person, typical workshop is $150/hour plus milage.

The cost of each workshop will be determined by several factors including the following:

Length: most workshops work best at 30, 45, or 60 minutes. A typical full-price workshop will cost $150/hour.

Location: workshops are subject to a round-trip travel fee calculated from our offices (1075 Sante Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204) to your location and charged at the federal mileage reimbursement rate.

Number of participants: in-person workshop base costs are for 10-22 participants. WIth more than 22 participants, the workshop may require an assistant teacher and be subject to an additional fee of $50.

Type: virtual workshops are discounted from in-person costs by approximately 25%.

Accompaniment: if the workshop is traditionally provided with live accompaniment, there may be an additional fee.


All grade levels

Day of Dance is a field trip available to students at all grade levels. Bring up to 150 students to Colorado Ballet's studios for a rotation of introductory classes in a variety of dance styles and tour Colorado Ballet's facilities, including the costume shop. Classes may include any of the offerings below.

  • Cost: flat rate of $1,000 for half or full day*.

The following customizations are available:

-Students will try ballet and creative movement and one or two other classes of your choice**.
-Available on site at The Armstrong Center for Dance on Sundays or Mondays OR available any day if you host or choose to have a virtual event
-Option to include an opportunity for students to do an informal performance for each other to conclude the day (based on schedule).
-Option to include a Colorado Ballet costume shop tour (based on availability).

Day of Dance Option 1: field trip to Colorado Ballet's studios with three (3) 45 minute dance classes including ballet, creative movement, and another dance form. Lunch break included.

Day of Dance Option 2: field trip to Colorado Ballet's studios with three (3) 30 minute dance classes including ballet, creative movement, and another dance form. Lunch break and costume shop tour (as available) included.

Day of Dance Option 3: Zoom meeting hosted by Colorado Ballet with three (3) 30 minute dance classes including ballet, creative movement, and another dance form. Breaks and facilitated social time included.

Please note we require one adult chaperone for every 20-25 students. 

*All days of Dance cost a flat rate of $1,000, regardless of what length of class you select. Depending on the size of your group, we can host up to four classes at a time. 100 students is the maximum number of participants we can accommodate in one day. Please decide if you wish to have an optional performance at the end of the day, so we can plan accordingly. Costume shop tours might be an option, so please reach out if you wish to schedule that as part of your Day of Dance. For Day of Dance field trips in-person, we suggest sending 1 adult chaperone for every 20-25 students.

**Certain classes may have an additional accompanist fee
***Length of class can be adjusted

Please note:

For workshops serving students under 4 years old, caregivers are required to be present and are highly encouraged to participate.

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