Workshops are our most customizable and diverse program offerings – we are happy to adapt to fit your needs. A perfect fit for in-school time, they are also a great fit for non-profit organizations such as libraries, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and other organizations serving youth, people with disabilities, and adults.

Hour-long (and flexible) workshops and/or a weekly series of workshops are very popular in ECE - 12th grade public, private and charter schools. Thirty to forty five minute workshops are a great fit in libraries or with participants under five. Costs are on sliding scale based on length, type of workshop and accompaniment, and number of participants. See reservation form at the bottom of the page to book or express interest in a workshop.

Field Trip
Day of Dance

All grade levels

Day of Dance is a field trip available to students at all grade levels. Bring up to 150 students to Colorado Ballet's studios for a rotation of introductory classes in a variety of dance styles and tour Colorado Ballet's facilities, including the costume shop. Classes may include any of the offerings below.

  • Cost is approximately $7/student.
Parent/Tot Movement

Ages 1½-3 years with a Caretaker

This workshop is specifically designed for the young child that loves to move and dance with music. Emphasis is placed on both fine and gross motor skill development, coordination and balance in a safe nurturing environment that encourages parent involvement.

  • Recommended for libraries!
Creative Movement

Pre-K, Early Elementary

Students will learn about a variety of dance concepts, such as, size, balance, rhythm, levels, shapes, and energy. The class will develop spatial awareness, problem solving, and strengthening of the body and brain.

  • Recommended for libraries!
Choreography Basics

4th Grade through 12th Grade

This workshop focuses on elements of dance and choreography, incorporating contemporary dance styles and culminating in a performance piece created by students.

I Like Me

6th Grade through 12th Grade

This workshop addresses individuality and self-esteem through group discussion and movement exploration. While experiencing something new and creating their own movement, youth are able to make real-world connections and take ownership of their personal strength.

Dancing Stories
Animal Exploration

ECE- 2nd grade

Get ready to shake, shimmy, and slide like your favorite animal in the animal themed creative movement class! We will play with exciting props, sing songs, and play games all while dancing and sharing our favorite animals.

  • Recommended for libraries!
Movement Storytime

Toddlers, Pre-K, Early Elementary

Perfect fit for library branches, this workshop brings movement and ballet to an existing story time. Engage your families with younger students in movement games, songs and basic ballet vocabulary. Students will learn about a variety of dance concepts, such as, size, balance, rhythm, levels, shapes, and energy. The class will develop spatial awareness, problem solving, and strengthening the body and brain.

  • Recommended for libraries!
Words In Motion

2nd through 12th Grade

Students strengthen their knowledge of vocabulary words and sentence writing in this movement driven lesson. Students will explore embodiments and definitions of words and create dances based on their understanding of sentence writing.

Adaptive And Inclusive Workshops

We have trained staff to adapt the above programs to meet the needs of kids and adults with disabilities! Contact Bridget Heddens at for more information regarding our adaptive workshop opportunities.

Bring Colorado Ballet’s professional dance educators into your classroom for technique classes in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap or Choreography and Improvisation.

These workshops have limited availability; if you are interested, please do still select these as a preference on the registration form to find out or e-mail to inquire further.

Argentine Tango

4th Grade through 12th Grade

A social dance originating in Argentina - Argentine Tango. Students will learn the basic elements of tango walk, dramatic presence, and posture and body framing. They will explore using these concepts in improvisation with a partner.


3rd Grade through 12th Grade

Choose from several ballroom dance classics: Argentine Tango, Foxtrot, Merengue,Waltz and many more! Students will learn the basic steps, dramatic presence, and posture and body framing. They will explore using these concepts in improvisation with a partner and in groups.


3rd Grade through 12th Grade

This easy and fun introduction to Bollywood dances will take you on a passage to India, exploring all of the varied styles that contemporary Bollywood dance encompasses— the rhythmic classical footwork of Bharatanatyam and Kathak; the precision and elegance of semi-classical, the passion and storytelling of folk styles; the powerfully enthusiastic bhangra or giddha; and the fusion of Indo-jazz and contemporary Bollywood. With a soundtrack that leaves you shimmying and shaking, you can’t help but love this vibrant class for dance, music, and culture lovers alike!

Brazilian Dance

Kindergarten through 12th grade

Introduction to Brazilian music, history and culture. Students will experience the joy and high energy of Brazilian Samba music exploring a variety of song and dance from different regions of Brazil and the correlation to the yearly festival Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We will learn about samba school traditions and Afro-Bahian songs and dances from Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. 

Folk Dances
  • Cultural Folk Dances: a variety of folk dances from all around the world, 1st grade through 12th grade
  • Folklorico Mexican Dance, 3rd Grade through 12th Grade 
Hula Dance

Kindergarten through 12th Grade

The rhythmic dances of the Pacific Islands, Polynesian and Hula incorporate easy-to-perform dance movements set to the sounds of traditional Polynesian drum beats. The island breezes and hypnotic beats will cool you, while you develop coordination and stronger overall movement and posture. A beautiful and expressive cultural dance, this class also provides a “total body workout” as it isolates your larger muscle groups, increasing strength and definition to your core with specific emphasis on the abs, glutes, quads and upper-arms. 

Social Dances

West African Dance

  • Blues Dance, 3rd Grade through 12th Grade 
  • Swing Dance, 2nd through 12th Grade
  • Social Dances of Yesterday & Today, 3rd Grade through 12th Grade
West African Dance

Kindergarten through 12th Grade

Students will learn a variety of dances, rhythms and histories from multiple West African cultures. This workshop includes movement, singing, rhythm, and cultural attire.

Moving Matter

Ages: targeted toward 1st grade science standards

“Freeze like a popsicle! Now melt like a popsicle on a hot summer day!” Students will use creative movement to embody different states of matter and the transitions between them before creating their own solid/liquid dance.

Force Frenzy

Ages: targeted toward 2nd grade science standards

Pushes and pulls help objects determine their speed and direction. Force can also produce a variety of movements in our bodies. In this class, we will create unique movements demonstrating the effect of those forces pushing and pulling us through the space as we explore various speeds and directions!

Water Cycle Waltz

Ages: targeted toward 3rd grade science standards

In this workshop students will dance their way through the water cycle. Students will learn about evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection all while exploring movement concepts like levels and flow. The workshop will finish with the students creating their own water cycle dance to perform for their peers.


Ages: any and all! Works best with 3rd grade and up but can be adapted

In this fun life skills workshop, participants will move through dance or movement explorations, activities, games, and choreography that challenge their brain. Working individually, in partners, or in teams, the emphasis is on developing problem solving and communication skills while testing and expanding the limits of the human brain. Positive side-effects may include increased coordination and smiles!

Ecosystems Embodied: Nature’s Choreography

3rd through middle school

In this partnership between Colorado Ballet and the Audubon Society you will dance your way through an ecosystem! In this workshop, students will learn about the different components of an ecosystem and how they are interconnected before creating their own unique dance to embody the various parts of an ecosystem. Students will utilize kinetic learning in order to better understand how each component fits into an ecosystem like a puzzle.

$200/1.5 hour program
For more information and to schedule, click here.

Literature Comes Alive

6th through 12th Grade

In this workshop students will explore and embody literary concepts such as themes, symbolism, character development, and more! We encourage you to book this workshop for any novel you are currently studying (For example, Symbolism in To Kill a Mockingbird). 

Balance and Motion

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Balance and Motion is a field trip or in school workshop recommended for kindergarten through 5th grade.  Students will explore on and off balance and work with partners and props while developing their motor skills through fun movement activities.

Metamorphosis Moves

Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

Colorado Ballet and the Butterfly Pavilion collaborate on this workshop. Students learn about the life cycle of the butterfly through movement in this interactive dance and science class.  

$200/1hr program
Click here for more information. for more information. 

Moving through the Phases of the Moon

targeted toward 1st grade science standards. Adaptable for older students.

Students will embody the phases of the moon through dance and movement games, helping them better understand nature’s predictable patterns by connecting it to the physical patterns experienced in dance.

Movement, Muscles and Mechanics

6th through 12th Grade

This anatomy based workshop is an introduction to the skeletal and muscular systems. Students will learn how to warm up the body properly through stretching and conditioning, in addition to producing choreographic work based on their bodies’ muscle makeup.

Older Adults & Seniors

Have you always wished you’d danced as a kid? It's not too late! Book any of the above workshops for your Senior Center, Retirement Home, Active Adult Community, Memory Care Units, you name it!

Please note:

For workshops serving students under 4 years old, caregivers are required to be present and are highly encouraged to participate.

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