Youth America Grand Prix

Welcome to Colorado Ballet Academy’s Youth America Grand Prix program! Students build their technical and artistic skills as they learn the importance of teamwork, camaraderie and work ethic while they rehearse and prepare ensembles for the Regional and Finals competitions. Students who choose to compete with classical and contemporary solos, duets and trios benefit from individual coaching sessions. 

YAGP Placements 

Colorado Ballet Academy holds the Outstanding School Award in 2023, 2022, 2020, 2019, and 2018

2023 Finals in Tampa, FL
Garland Waltz Top 12 

Sleeping Beauty Pas de Deux Top 6 (Sarah Claire Martin and Axel Rickard)

Top 12 (Ensemble): The Sleeping Beauty Garland Waltz
Top 6 (Pas de Deux): The Sleeping Beauty with Sarah Claire Martin and Axel Rickard

2023 Regionals in Denver, CO 

Senior Division
Classical Dance Category—Women: 3rd place overall: Sarah Claire Martin

Top 12 (Classical): Catherine Cramer, Delaney Rae
Top 24 (Classical): Grace Beay, Bailey Bleskan, Marie Hefley, Madelyn Lehrman, Lilly Lieber, Ryan Smallwood
Classical Dance Category—Men: 1st place overall, Ryder Rickard, 3rd place overall, Ryan Andrews
Top 12 (Contemporary): Alyssa Nichols

 Junior Division
Classical Dance Category—Women: 2nd place overall, Annalise Palmieri

Classical Dance Category—Men: 3rd place overall, Simon Nguyen
Top 12 (Classical): Emma Boggs, Carsyn Henry, Juliana Petrie
Top 24 (Classical): Kaelyn Biskner, Allegra DeVecchi, Annika Lieber, Catalina Long, Maya Steinbecker
Top 12 (Contemporary): Emma Boggs, Allegra DeVecchi, Carsyn Henry, Annika Lieber

Large Ensemble: 1st and 3rd place overall

Pas de Deux: 2nd and 3rd place overall
Top 6 (Ensemble): The Sleeping Beauty Friend’s Dance with Catalina Long, Juliana Petrie and Mackenzie Roark, Duplicity with Addyson Popp and Zoe Popp

2022 Finals in Tampa, FL

Top 24: Large Ensemble, Contemporary Dance Category

2022 Regionals in Denver, CO
Large Ensemble: 1st place overall

Senior Division
Classical Dance Category—Women: 3rd place overall (tie): Keara Nichols and Caroline Sowers

Classical Dance Category—Men: 1st place overall, Axel Rickard, 3rd place overall, Ryder Rickard
Top 12: Ryan Smallwood
Top 24: Brooke Janney, Jordan Henry, Lilly Lieber, Mia Hanflig
Contemporary Dance Category—Women: 1st place overall, Keara Nichols
Contemporary Dance Category—Men: 2nd place overall, Axel Rickard
Top 12: Caroline Sowers

Junior Division
Classical Dance Category (Men and Women): Annalise Palmieri

2021 Regionals in Denver, CO

Senior Division
Classical Dance Category—Women: 3rd place overall, Alison Walters

Top 24: Heather Ludlow

Junior Division
Classical Dance Category- Women: 3rd place overall, Jordan Henry

Top 12: Lilly Lieber
Top 24: Samantha Milshtein, Vahnabelle Sor
Top 12 (Contemporary): Jordan Henry

2020 Regionals in Denver, CO
Pas de deux: 1st place overall

Large Ensemble: 1st place overall

Senior Division
Classical Dance Category—Women: 2nd Place Overall, Lucy Stewart

Top 12: Beverly Abbott, Fiona Hutchens, Lili Travaglia
Top 24: Audrey King, Keira Martin-Williams
Contemporary Dance Category: 1st place overall, Lucy Stewart

Junior Division
Top 12: Jordan Henry 

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